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david robertson

32-key Jones Anglo for sale

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This is a very nice example of a Jones Anglo, with riveted action, and a proper pad and lever arrangement for the air button, rather than the crude "trapdoor" device found on lesser Joneses. (This is definitely one of the Joneses with which the others should have kept up!)

It is newly restored, with new pads, valves, phosphor-bronze springs, dampers, bushings and straps. The bellows have had a cosmetic re-bind and a new set of correct Jones gold-on-black papers. Finally, it has been tuned to modern concert pitch.

In my view, it represents a big step up in quality from, for example, a mahogany-ended Lachenal, and it performs every bit as well as a rosewood-ended one. I'm looking for £1750, and as always, if you're within striking distance of Norwich, you're welcome to come and have a squeeze.





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