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Jeffries duet Info.

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I recently stumbled upon an article in Concertina Magazine from 1985 written by Polly Clap concerning The Jeffries duet system.  In it she states that examples were produced by other makers, specifically Crab, Wheatstone and later Colin Dipper.  She includes a note chart for a 58 button example and says boxes with up to 88 were produced.  I have a rather large Wheatstone Jeff pattern, and a Jeffries 50 button that I acquired in the late 60's early 70's.  I also have a chart for a 44b.  The Jeffries is a match for Nick Robertshaw's chart but the Wheatstone at 53b is significantly different and the 44b is different from either.  It's reeds (Wheatstone's) are arranged in a (conventional?) radial pattern as opposed to the lateral set up of the Jeffries.  there are empty spaces for 3 pairs of reeds at the low end which would bring it into compliance (sort of) with the 58b.  I'm considering adding these notes and making a couple of other changes to make it match the 58 button, but there seems to be a lot of variation even within Jeffries made instruments. 


Does anyone have information about other makers of Jeff duets?


If there are owners here of these duets by Jeffries or any other maker I would be grateful for a note chart to the end of establishing a  loose standard for instruments of various button counts.  You can simply type the notes in lines followed by a / for end of row, or stack them. Indicate a thumb key with a th.  You can PM me so as not to clutter the site.  Thanx.

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Thank you Geoff.  This is very helpful in explaining how the pattern of this Wheatstone instrument (sold to me around 1970 by your brother, I have the bill of sale somewhere) was arrived at and instructs me as to how to fill in the vacant reed spaces.  would the Crabb internal layout have been in a radial pattern like the Wheatstone or parallel like the Jeffries?

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