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Jackie For Sale - $349

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I give up. I bought a brand new Jackie from Reverb in July (See my post "First Timer.") Knowing I had arthritis in both hands didn't deter me, because I thought that playing this beautiful instrument would improve my condition (My grandmother managed her arthritis by crocheting.) Too painful after a while, so I'm selling it. It is indistinguishable from a brand new one and has the case and tutorial paperwork. With shipping I paid $465.  I will part with this for the first offer of $349, and I will pay for shipping. Please do not provide a counteroffer.

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I'm so sorry that the concertina didn't work out for you!  I'm writing because my daughter wants a concertina, and from my research, a  "Jackie" is an excellent instrument for a beginner.  Do you think we might be able to find a way for me to get the instrument in hand by Christmas?  I will pay a bit more to expedite shipping, if that is necessary.


I'm a brand new member to the forum, just joined to look for Ona's Christmas present.  My name is Donna Hogarty, and I live in PA.  My email is DBHogarty@gmail.com.


Will PayPal work for you?  I could also send you a check.


Thanks, Captain!


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