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Hohner Preciosa Melodeon, G/D - SOLD


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For sale. Hohner Preciosa Melodeon, G/D (182911488353). All keys and bellows are in great playing condition, esp. given that it was made in Germany, in, I believe, 1943. Like Hohner's Liliput, Preciosa Melodeons were/are highly portable,  but yet loud and beautiful. My Preciosa plays beautifully, though not necessarily in my hands, as I am a rank beginner. I'll sell it for $ 1000.00 (Canadian). I can send more pics; just ask. Shipping is from British Columbia, Canada in its original leather case, at buyer's expense. While Paypal is best, I accept cheques or modes of payment, so long as shipping occurs after payment has cleared. 



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On 10/24/2019 at 12:00 AM, Lynda Bass said:

Where can one find a fingering chart for a Preciosa? I cannot figure out what key it is in.  It's number is 110377.  They are soooooo adorable!


Yes indeed. You'll find everything re the "Hohner Club" system/layout here. Look for the 25 key version.


However, this wouldn't tell you the keys of the two (home) rows. AFAIK , Hohner produced them in C/F and Bb/Eb (outer/inner row), not sure about G/C, but I find that unlikely regarding the overall size (even smaller than a Liliput). D/G like, apparently, the advertised and now sold instrument has, may well be a later modification to suit the "English" needs.


To determine the key of a given instrument push the third button (counting from left to right) of the outer row, which will indicate the key of this row, most likely a C or a Bb. The other row could be determined by likewise pushing the respective third button, but is has to be a fourth above the outer row anyway.


You might encounter a modified instrument, particularly a "de-clubbed" one. If applicable, we could that discuss later on. However, fellow-forum melodeon.net would undoubtedly provide you with more (and more insightful) replies.


Best wishes - ?

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