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Dipper For Irish Trad

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Hi Ann,


If you're thinking of placing an order with the Dippers, definitely reach out to them.  



John Dipper is  quick to respond to emails and immensely helpful about answering any questions about their instruments.  My understanding of their models is that they have "models" but this is a loose concept as they allow a lot of customization for every instrument they make.  Their general models are based on size/shape/clef and then specific "type models" are all the extras/upgrades that you can pick (this is all on their website). 


As far as button dimensions, your best bet I'd say will be to try a variety of concertinas and take some measurements on the ones you like the best (and of course the Dipper's can walk you through the choice as well).


Best of luck!



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My dipper is a 34 key model with no drone.  But most common would likely be the 31 button, with a drone of your choice, likely d.  I particularly like the smaller size.  Mine measures about 5 3/4, but I think that is due to the extra keys.  It is still smaller than most other concertinas.   I would tell the Dippers what you want and ask what they recommend.  They are experts at this.  The tone and action are amazing.  I am a mediocre player, but have had a pro give it a whirl and astounding music bounced itself out.  I have heard some express concern that they might end up pushing and pulling more due to the smaller size across the flats, but it have not experienced that.  The instrument is so responsive and the action so well engineered that the air requirements are perfectly balanced. The button touch is so perfect I have never really focused on what size they are and wouldn't know how to measure. John Dipper is handling the email side of the business these days and is quick to respond.  I asked for wooden ends.  There are a couple of other Dippers that appear in sessions in Chicago and they both have wooden ends.

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Years ago they had a "model" specific to irish music that was the "County Clare" model, I own one of them since 2000. It is a small concertina very quickly and with a bright and loud sound,  mine is with metal ends, although I like more nowadays the wooden ended concertinas (then I only had a wooden ended lachenal). 

As the other fellow members said they allow a high level of customization. Mine have a birds button, that I miss in my other concertinas (Suttner's i.e.).


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