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Jeffries Bros 31 button C/G for sale


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Hello, friends. It has been a long time since I have frequented this place. It has been about the same period since I spent any time playing my concertina. I confess that I have gone over to the dark (PA) side and I'm not sorry. But I've kept my beloved Jeffries all this time, thinking "maybe, someday." But someday has never come. And now I have a need to do some de-accessioning, in order to finally get hold of a financial situation that will no longer be ignored. So I appeal to you here, to please spread the word or consider your own long-held desire for this instrument. 


What is it worth these days, do you think?


I inherited it from my previous beloved, Byron Smith, who died in 2003 of a heart attack. He bought it from the Button Box, who got it from the estate of an actor, unknown to me, who had a collection of concertinas. I had it looked over once, but it hasn't been seriously reconditioned since the Button Box. The bellows are a bit loose, but it is otherwise in excellent condition. 

I have more photos here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1w2KsTsrq0DSC2eXxPSzw18SMYLfvY0FB



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That is a beauty. Wish I needed another concertina. You might check with The Button Box for an appraisal that is what I did. 

If your financial issues allow you to keep it and you play, I would come down from the County sometime to play with you. I am really a very poor player but I love playing and would so like to find someone to play with

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I played this concertina yesterday. It speaks well, with good volume. I didn't check the tuning but it seemed to be perfect as I played the chords. The bellows are in good condition. There is no rust on the reeds, which means that the instrument has been kept in dry surroundings. The reeds have been filed a bit but with an instrument this old that's to be expected. The concertina does not need any work and is ready to play without any adjustment required. 

I liked it. It has a classic Jeffries sound-- very clear, very bright, and it responds well. If I were in need of another concertina I'd certainly consider this one. The price that I was quoted is very fair. In Ireland it would sell for well over €5,000. 

I met the seller once twenty years ago, and again yesterday. I have no financial interest in this concertina and I am happy to help the owner sell it. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 

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Hello, everybody! I'm happy to report that the Jeffries has gone to a happy home - near my hometown in NH. I'm so glad that it will be played regularly again- it was lonely in the closet! 


Thanks, David, for your advice and support, and to the whole C-net community for being a great place.


All bright wishes for the season to you all. 

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