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Lachenal Rosewood Anglo 30 buttons steel reeds, new bellows.

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Beautiful C/G Rosewood-ended 30 button Lachenal Anglo for sale; number 140,673.


These rosewood-ended Lachenal Anglos are much sought after instruments for both English and Irish music. 
These concertinas may not be in the league of a Wheatstone or Jeffries, but they are great players. They are responsive and have a classic concertina tone that is bold and full; and many players prefer the sound of a wooden-ended instrument to a metal ended one. This is one of the fastest and loudest of these Lachenals I’ve played.


This concertina was previously advertised unrestored. It is now fully restored, tuned, with new pads and valves and new set of 6-fold bellows from the excellent Pete O'connor. As the photos show, the reeds are pristine with no hint of rust or age, the chamois chamber linings are clean and the reedpans fit nice and tightly into the ends.  I play mostly Irish music on the anglo and in my experience it is unusual to find a Lachenal that will knock out reels like this one.


Price is - £1600 + postage.


I will add link to IMG_3788.thumb.jpg.6f7dfdef2dbcbcff081d7e6c9343158d.jpga sound-file when I've had the chance to make one. I will also add some further internal photos of the instrument.


I'm happy to arrange Skype/FaceTime chat to view the concertina and discuss. I'm also happy for anyone to play and /or collect from Cornwall, and I regularly make trips from Cornwall to London. 


As regards postage, I am well used to wrapping and dispatching melodeons world-wide and happy to send this overseas at the buyer's expense and risk. I generally use Parcelforce Global Priority, which is tracked and signed for. Within the UK I would recommend Royal Mail Special Delivery, which provides insurance against loss to the insurance £2,000 for approx £30.00.


If you are interested, please contact me by pm. The customary donation to Cnet will be made if a sale results.
Mike Rowbotham (UK based)






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Hi Wolf,


thanks for for the prod!


... I'm going to have a go at uploading some shots of the reedpans etc now ...






(btw the J English remains with me at present)





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Mike, you're very welcome - a lovely and highly desirable intrument as for me (who nevertheless can't justify another acquisition at the moment).


As to the English, thanks for the update - should you still have it in autumn 2019 and should we choose to visit Cornwall again then (which is subject to consideration at the moment) I would surely love to give it a try.


Best wishes - 🐺

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