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For Armistice Day

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34 minutes ago, John Dipper said:

Anyone know why The attachment is no longer viewable? 


I at least can't (viewed and liked yesterday) - it's still downloadable as a PDF but loading so long that I canceled the process and as a precaution erased the file - weird.


Best wishes - ?

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4 minutes ago, Paul_Hardy said:

It works OK for me at 9:55 GMT. Download size is 2.8MB. Opening resultant PDF shows a white on black shaded drawing.


That's o.k. I guess - at least this is what I got yesterday as well, it possibly slipped my mind that it had to be formally downloaded...

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Because you used a pdf document file format rather than a screen-sized and compressed jpg picture format, which would be more appropriate for the content, the file is approximately 100 times as large as it needs to be (literally). So for someone on a slow connection, it will take quite a while to download, which could be mistaken for never. But it's there. 


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French national television has been showing all sorts of old newsreel footage of people celebrating on Armistice day and I’ve seen this clip a few times. You only see the concertina player for about 2 seconds but he obviously knew how to play. I could only capture a screen shot.

Armistice Anglo.jpg

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