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Concertinas In Seattle

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Cnet members aside, if I were moving to that area, I would keep an eye out for:


(1) John Williams workshops at Friday Harbor.


(2) Bertram Levy performances. As I understand it, Levy is a physician in Port Townsend and still performs on bandoneon around the area. While it's true I'm not particularly interested in Argentine tangos, when it comes to a musical genre I don't like, I always figure I just haven't yet run into the person or performance to "explain it to me right". Probably most of us who have worked through the Levy tutor would love to hear him. Someone up there should grab him sometime and conduct an interview for posting here.

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I sent you (or at least attempted to) a private email some time back regarding this thread but don't know if it made it to you.


If you're in Redmond for the moment then you're only 20 minutes away from me. I know of another concertina player who works in the Redmond area so you're not too far from a couple of Anglo players, though admittedly we lean very heavy into the Irish side of things.


I'm a little reluctant to post an email address openly, but you could use the c.net message system to contact me if you're interested in getting together to chat and we can work out things from there. I'm by no means cognizant of all concertina activities in the area, but I can share what I know and I think the other player I mentioned would be willing to share their perspective as well.



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