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fs Suttner waiting list slot

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I'm hoping to sell my slot on Jurgen Suttners waiting list. My order is due March/April of 2019. I'm sure you can order whatever you prefer as he has not started my order. I was looking to get a 30 button C/G with either Ebony or Metal ends. I would like to be reimbursed for my deposit (400.00 USD = 329,38 EURO) and in return give up my spot in line.  I have chosen to give up on the Concertina and focus on my main instrument.  


If you have any interest please reach out and we can coordinate the details with Jurgen. 



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Hi stlcurtain6n5

I've now joined Concertina.net

Earlier I sent you an email, which Jurgen supplied your address for.

I'd like to buy your slot from you via Jurgen's approval, etc.

Please get back to me when you're able.


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name giveaway otherwise

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