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Looking for a 40 button anglo

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Hi I’m currently looking to buy a 40 button Anglo and don’t want to spend thousands and thousands like I see on some of the shops such as 1 I saw going for 5000+. I don’t. Suppose anyone has one they would like to sell I’m not looking for nothing super duper top of the lin just something with 40 buttons is reliable and good condition thanks guys.

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There is a man in Japan,  Kato Toru, who plays a 40 button Bastari.  He has put a lot of videos on youtube.  Something like that might be what you want.

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Lachenal CG.                        HI THERE, FOR SALE IF YOUR INTERESTED


41 button (bone?) including 2 novelty.

Original Nickel plated ends.
Ebony frames.

Drone button has F push C draw 
New 7 fold leather bellows and straps, by Dave Leese.
Re-padded and valved
Long scale reeds. No weighting.
Loud and beautiful full resonant tone.
Lachenal Hook action.
A very responsive player, with tight (as yet, rather stiff new bellows).
Serial no. 91313. Date circa 1890s.
Weight, only 1350grms. Makes this box a delight to handle

Has some slight wood damage to left hand frame.No cracks. Some tarnishing on nickel ends.Various small, age dints on frames. In no way serious, nor affecting solidity or playing performance.

I believe this to be one of the higher grade models sold by Lachenal.
I use this for both tunes and singing. It is indeed a lovely player with the vintage, classy old steel reeded sound.
I have this one for sale as I have taken delivery of another Wheastone.
The price is very reasonable for this lovely instrument. 

At £1,850 or very nearest offer.

Cannot upload photos for some reason. Can send separately.




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I have a really rare 40 key Wheatstone Edeophone Anglo in D/A that I will soon be selling. Yes,  it is an Anglo, not English, Edeophone. Yes, it was made by Wheatstone, not Lachenal, in the mid-1930s. Yes, in the keys of D and A (a great comnbination) rather than C/G. I will try to post a descripion here, in the next few days. But if you are interested, you can send me a personal message beforehand.

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