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Jake Middleton-Metcalfe

New designs available at Wolverton concertinas

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Things have been somewhat busy at Wolverton concertinas.


I am now offering a new design which is built around concertina reeds, the reeds are hand made in my workshop. This design comes with 31 buttons as standard but up to 34 are possible, currently C/G or G/D only. There is a display model so people are welcome to come and have a go if they wish.


The new more advanced model is based on Victorian instruments, both in look and construction -  It is very much a hand made instrument. The design is not a copy of any one historical instrument but rather an amalgamation of the most desirable features from the existing historic instruments which I have studied. I have also added some features of my own – most notably the unique pattern of the hand-cut end-plates. I have put some images below, there are also some new recordings and more information about this model on my website:






A big thank you to the people who helped me develop this, you know who you are.





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1 hour ago, Howard Mitchell-Borts said:

Any chance one being available to view at the Midland concertina meeting, 10th November?




I would love to go but unfortunately I have a commitment I cant get out of that day

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Brilliant job Jake, that looks absolutely superb, and the sound samples are a delight to listen to.


I am still totally happy with my 'Standard' one, now 15 months old, but the new 'Advanced one will forever be a temptation.


Best Wishes



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