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Pierced Metal Sides

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The article on miniature and semi-miniature concertinas here contains several illustrations which appear to

be of metal-ended concertinas.


Later: Silly me! I should have posted pictures of my own metal-ended instruments:


First: A modern Marcus G/D hybrid (Purchased from a member here about 3 years ago. This is the one I use

     for t'Morris - good and loud - blow yer socks off two counties away!)

Second: A vintage George Jones C/G (Also purchased from a local parishioner. Serial number 20839, date?)


Much later stil:. Ah! I now see that the OP related to metal-ends with additional fretting on the hexagonal edge/side of the 

wrap-around metal end (as opposed to a simple end-plate). I should have clocked that straight from the start I agolopise

for muddying the waters...






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This is the only one I have ever seen in the flesh:




I've always wondered how important the reflection off of the side walls is in concertinas - thinking about how different the "inboard" mounted reeds sound.



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Thanks Takayuki, Roger, Peter and Adrian! I was discussing with a client the possibility of my making an instrument with sides like this, but I believe he's decided against the idea.


Adrian: a member contacted me off-forum to say he's heard a couple of instruments with pierced metal sides and they both have a very piercing sound. I suppose whether that is a good or a bad thing probably depends on the sort of environment you play in!

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@David Hornett asked me to pass this on because he's unable to log into the forum right now. He says he's familiar with two fully-metal-ended Dipper Anglos, both exceptionally loud instruments.


One was owned by the late Peter Ellis:



The other is owned by Ray Simpson:


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My data on Lachenals (of which 3359 Anglos) does  not contain any with side-fretted metal ends. However, there is one with side -fretted  wood ends--No 84741; 30 key ; bone buttons, steel reeds; 6-fold bellows. I held a similar one in 2002, but did not get the serial number. I know that it was 2002, beacause I saw it at the home of  the host for a Charles Wheatstone 200th birthday celebration. 

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23 hours ago, Takayuki YAGI said:

Just FYI, McNeela lists a Jeffries with pierced metal sides now.



Thanks Takayuki. Some of the metalwork on this one looks pretty crude, I wonder if it was a later modification. Also it kind of looks like somebody has added a baffle under part of the side fretwork on the bottom of the right hand side.




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Looks more like sellotape holding the ends together!


BTW, I have a relatively early Dipper (No 104) with pierced ends.  It's a GD but with the G row an octave higher than a normal GD. It's a very piercing sound but how much of that is due to the pierced ends and how much the pitching is difficult to tell


Alex West

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