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Would appreciate some learned advice on GD layout.  Attached is what I understand to be the "standard" Wheatsone layout.  In RED are two changes that I have seen: in the first A# appears to be in a higher octave (or am I confused) and in the second, the C/E are reversed.  

Any advantages one way or the other?  Thanks!

GD Anglo rev 1.pdf

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The A# on the Left hand side should be A#3, always I would say. As for the C/E - that is one which there is variation on, sometimes it is E/C and sometimes the other way round apparently. I do E/C on my instruments though the reed could easily be flipped. There is not tooo much of an advantage either way with the C/E or E/C in my experience - It is rather a seldom used note.  If you ever play pop goes the weasel in G it makes for a comic "pop" in the weasel, I think that is all I ever used it for.

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I came upon this topic by chance - I don't often read this forum.

Some points:


1. The generic G/D Wheatstone layout chart shown by the original poster was created by me. Not sure how it has come into the public domain in this way. I have a variety of layout charts which I have made over the years and they are stored on my computer hard drive. I am happy to share them with others, but it would be nice to be credited as the author.


2. The layout chart in question is based on my own Dipper G/D anglo but chart referred to does indeed have a couple of typographical errors which the OP has queried. In particular, the A#4 on the LH side should indeed be A#3. The C6/E6 at the end of the RH side top row should also be E6/C6. It's like that on my Dipper and in any case it makes far more sense that way and I can't imagine why anyone would really want it the other way round.


3. Apologies for the errors and many thanks for bringing them to my notice. I have corrected the errors as discussed and I attach the amended G/D layout to this post.




31-key GD Wheatstone Anglo layout.pdf

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