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"Standard" extra buttons (30+ buttons layout)


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Hi all,

I've searched already several times but I cannot find a definitive answer. My question is - are there any 'default' or 'standard' 30+ buttons layouts. I can imagine Jeffries and Wheatstone/Lachenal did things differently, but apart from one diagram of 40 buttons wheatstone layout I cannot find any good source of how exactly these buttons are/were tuned.

My question comes from my 32 buttons Lachenal. I have extra buttons on it tuned to (pull) E3 / (push) B4 on LH and (pull) C6 / (push) A#6 on RH. I find LH one quite handy for irish tunes, havent' used RH one much yet. But I'm not sure that these reeds are original. 
So did I miss some informative threads somewhere on c.net? Or wasn't it discussed much yet?

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Hi Roman,


It did come up here earlier this year:

And there are some links there to other threads where this was discussed. I think if I had to choose, I'd want a push f natural in both middle octaves (on left and right sides). Drawn notes on the LH, a low D, (a tone above the lowest note), if it could be managed in the available chamber and on the RH a high d' if it was a Wheatstone layout.


Hope this helps,




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