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Irish Concertina Lessons

Bruce McCaskey

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Yes promising ! I also like the "The Story behind the Tune" (something usually non existent in tab book/DVD...)

Playing a Irish tune to someone who has zero knowledge of Irish music makes it much more interesting for the listener to know the story :-)

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Over the first few lessons or ‘basics’ as Caitlín calls them she goes through the D and G scales with the G scale being based entirely on the inside row. I gather that as an introduction, this is slightly different than what is usually done, with most teachers in Ireland preferring to introduce the G scale as starting on the middle row. She then goes on to do what she describes as the “extra notes” and these would be the options such as the two of the As,Bs etc and explains that although  the high D on the left is the one she wants students to use initially, the high D on the right, and indeed the other options, have to be practiced and used. I have been using the OAIM facility and whilst it has been brilliant and I have learnt a lot, there is something refreshing and different about Caitlín’s set up. In my experience so far.

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