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Bad Notes On The Anglo

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I just got my first concertina, and I was playing it this morning and one of my reeds popped out of place and there are 2 or 3 other buttons that are kind of hard to depress. What should I do?


P.S.: The reed that fell out was for the D/E G-row button on the left side of the concertina.


P.S.S.: The instrument was only US$100 on eBay. I guess this is what I get for buying a $100 concertina.

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I think the reeds are waxed in. Try putting it place. Make sure the correct side's up. Check for a slash mark on the upper right corner of the reed and match to the ones still in place. Use a fine tipped soldering iron and remelt the wax by LIGHTLY going around the perimeter of the reed frame. Good luck!

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yes but one reed block is not as scary as taking an accordian apart on the kitchen table and then knocking over the tray you lined all the reeds up on :(


If you have to apply new wax, a batique (?) pourer works well, it's got a small nozzle and can be controlled better than a candle!

It would probably be a good idea to check the other reeds as well, in case any more are loose.


For the buttons that are hard to press, firstly make sure they line up with the holes in the end plates properly, then check that the mechanism for each works freely and that everything is the right way round! After that it's a case of fiddling about until it does what you want. I sugeest you make notes of everything you do in case you have to go back and undo it.

At least it's not an antique, that you need to be worried about, but the whole process can be nerve-racking anyway. :o


Good luck :)

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