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Niall Vallely


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I just finished an eight hour drive. Most of the time I was enjoying the three CD set ANGLO INTERNATIONAL. What a joy! Best purchase. 

Since I was driving i didn’t have the liner notes but a certain set on the third CD just captured my heart. When I got home I found the artist is Niall Vallely. I was particularly taken with track six. Amazingly it is The Mathematician  (that’s me at heart), The Independent (so I have been called) and Sean McGuire’s reel ( my mother’s maiden name is McGuire). Coincidences are such fun.

Anyway I have now found out that once upon a time he made a cd tutorial. None of the links to find it work. If anyone owns a copy and would part with it please contact me.

or if you can direct me to a source

many thanks,



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I spoke with Niall's wife at a Childsplay performance in Seattle a few days ago.  I asked if there was any chance he might some day accompany her on a tour that would come to the west coast and she said they were thinking that they might do a tour about April of next year.  No commitment, but at least they are thinking that direction.  I'd love to see him play in person.


By the way, the Childsplay group is on their last tour and they are featuring Karen Casey as the vocalist.  While I'm not a fiddle fan overall, this group, including about a dozen people playing fiddles made by Bob Child’s and a mix of other instruments (cellos, harp, guitar, banjo, keyboard, flute and whistle), put on a very entertaining show.  It also included dancers and a “Hambone” performance.


Google the group name “Childsplay” to get tour information, and I'll close this with a YouTube link to an example video of the Hambone performance - something I found quite unique.  There are also many YouTube videos of Childsplay performances from recent years.



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