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David Hornett

Titanium and stainless steel reed blanks

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Hi all,


Here are 62  titanium and 24 stainless steel reed blanks. The top three rows are titanium in eleven sizes, and the bottom single row are stainless steel in 4 sizes. The blanks are 1.5 mm thick. All shoes are for parallel tongues.


I had them lazer cut from material left over from pivot posts. The tags on top of the blanks are sniped off to form the bracket which holds the tongue in place. The titanium has work hardened around the laser cut, so  will need to be softened to take thread and also for the reed slots to be finished and the shoe's sides bevelled to be fitted into the reed pan. The , untapped, holes have been sized to take   M1.6x5 DIN 7985 Pan Head 0# Phillips Driver fittings.


If you would like these shoes please make an offer.


PS, I have no more in stock.


All the best,




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that is a cool idea making the clamps in the same part and then cutting them off at the end. I am not interested in buying

but cool idea.

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