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Possible trade/exchange/swap?

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Ignore this post.  Now sorted.  I no longer own the Jeffries and I do own a baritone and, surprisingly, a piccolo.




I have a beautiful Bb/F 38 button Jeffries Anglo, painstakingly restored by Alan Davies of Nottingham.  One or two of the accidentals are in Wheatstone layout although I believe these can easily be swapped around.


There's nothing wrong with the box, it's  beaut, but I don't play it as much as my Dipper G/D.


I have a hankering for a nice wooden-ended baritone in C/G.  30 buttons would satisfy me.  I play mainly for Morris and Morris session tunes.


I'm wary of getting involved in importing/exporting and worrying about VAT & duty, and apart from that, I'm a "try before you buy" person when it comes to instruments.


I'm in the east midlands of England: Lincolnshire.


Is there anyone out there who has a C/G wooden ended baritone who might prefer a nice 38 button metal ended Jeffries — albeit in the Salvation Army keys?


Feel free to PM me.




Mike Wilkinson



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