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Morse Céilí C/G Anglo For Sale SOLD


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I am selling my 2108 Morse Céilí C/G Anglo with Pelican hard shell case. It is in perfect condition, as I bought it only three months ago for $2700, (with shipping). I'm asking, $2000, which saves you $700.00.  I am selling it to fund a new concertina. I will ship for free anywhere in the CONUSA. There is one condition on the sale, I cannot ship it until October 5th, as I am going to Ireland on the 6th to get my new concertina and to attend concertina classes, I need to keep practicing until then ?. Please ask any questions. 





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I'll be in Dublin for two days then heading to Tulla, (County Clare), to take classes with Mary MacNamara. I am very drawn to the East Clare sound. I have a very tight schedule and don't think I'd want to try and make arrangements to meet, to sell the Morse, but thank you for the donedeal.ie suggestion. The "new" concertina is a Lachenal which has been fully refurbished at McNeela Music. I'm also 10 months away from getting my Suttner A1. 


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