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Great tune, need help for Ornamentation


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I love this tune a lot (it’s a pity they don’t mention the name…).

I am a beginner and trying to find out what she is doing with that Ornamentation on the 4th note (B). Hoping to find some help here !

The 4 first note are D-G-A-B + ornamentation... I can’t see if she is playing the B on right side on draw or left side on push.

And what is the ornamentation note… I have a feeling she is playing the B note on left hand and the “grace note” a E on right hand… Am I on the right path ?  

So that would be Left hand: (push) D-G (pull) A (push) B^E(right hand)^B^E

Thank you for any help !!


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3 hours ago, Peter Laban said:

The first tune Aoife is playing there is Bímid ag ól 'is ag pógadh na mBan, the second one is The Horseshoe, named for her grandfather's shop in Capel street.


She doesn't seem to find that  concertina very easy to play.


Man thank you, your an expert !!! Hmm so I guess I'll think a second time about this concertina...I was just going to buy it ? Love the sound though.

But she still puts lots of ornementation...yes she is clearly a fantastic player.

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I'll think a second time about this concertina...I was just going to buy it



As always it is probably best to try before you buy. But I don't know what was going on in this instance , if she was nervous in front of a camera with an instrument she wasn't used to or anything else. She normally plays a nice concertina.  I can imagine anything, even slightly, less responsive can wrongfoot you in those circumstances. I didn't mean to suggest the concertina was poor or otherwise sub-par  for it's price range.

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No worry Peter ! I still think about this concertina, unfortunately I cannot try it before I buy :-/  

But I really need to learn this tune ! And I see it can be played on a 2 rows :-) maybe I'll just buy a 2 rows, a 3 rows is like 1000 euros more for the third row !! 

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