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Fun Tunes. What's your favorite C/G anglo

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There are some tunes that sort of fall off my fingers.  Five Mile Chase, Joe Banns Barndance, Gypsy Princess, Man of the House AKA McCarthy's ( though the other two tunes Noel HIll plays on that set on his CD are more awkward for me: Anderson's and Sweeney's Dream).  Slow tunes like Liz Carroll's Dita and Island in the Woods are cool. And for some reason I am drawn to the Ace and Deuce of Pipering as well as King of the Fairies. Those two tunes I found on together played back in the day by a fiddle player Frank O'Higgins on a recording called Masters at the Garden.  But I have listened to many CDs and never felt compelled to sit down and learn a specific set. But those seem to want to be played on the concertina.  Reels like Sally Gardens and Swinging on the Gate seem like they are a perfect match for the concertina as well. Are there any tunes you finds magically fun to play? 

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This thread might better belong in the "Tunes" category rather than "General Concerina Discussion"


But a couple of English tunes that come to mind recently are  "Jamaica" and "Galopede" and I also like to play Cajun tunes, such as "Oberlin Waltz" or "Bayou Pon Pon"

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One tune that always creeps into my fingers when I pick up the Anglo is the French waltz "Plaisir d'amour." Another is the Scottish Psalm tune "Crimond," which is the tune most frequently sung to the  metrical version of Psalm 23 (The Lord's my shepherd; I'll not want ...). Yet another is the homeward-bound forebitter "Rolling Home." The drawing-room ballads "Linden Lea" (English) and "Down by the Salley Gardens" (Irish) also go well on the Anglo. 

The above are fully harmonised instrumentals. On the purely melodic side, "Kesh Jig" goes quite well without too much effort - back-to-back with "Lark in the Morning," if I'm feeling enterprising.

Quite a spectrum - just goes to show that the Anglo is quite an all-rounder!




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On 9/11/2018 at 2:26 AM, papawemba said:

I love to play this Mazurka




Thanks, I never heard this one before.  Any yes, I probably did post this in the wrong forum.  I am less than organized on occasion.  Thanks everybody.

On 9/11/2018 at 4:15 AM, Kelteglow said:

Are there any tunes people like to play on the C/G  with a good harmony ? Bob

Joe Bann's Barndance was the first tune I learned with harmony.  I was sure I couldn't after a couple of weeks, but after about 3 it all made sense.  John Williams plays this with Joseph Sobel and Martin Hayes in Joseph Sobel's Citernity CD.  On that CD it is titled Bill Malley's.  Of course they are not playing in a key that translates well to a C/G.  So I listen to it a lot then try to play it from memory.  If you have the Amazing Slow Downer you can tune it, but I never became good at that.  John's playing is exquisite on that track which includes Gypsy Princess as the second tune.

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My go-to harmonic-style favorite for years has been "Lumps of Plum Pudding", followed closely by "Glorishears", and lately "Bird's a-Building" has been showing up a lot. Oh, almost forgot, "Ladies of Pleasure". Yes, I prefer Morris tunes since they're often a bit quirky, with most of the versions I play nicked from John Watcham's most excellent playing. But I also often play "Eleanor Plunkett" and "Blind Mary" with full harmonies. And... "Love of My Life" (Long Live Queen!).



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