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Noel Ways

Hornpipe for Mr Morgan

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Ah, a sneak preview of great things to come...


Astute viewers will notice the reference in the credits to a book of Anglo concertina tunes by Adrian - something many have asked about, and the good news is it should be available within the month. 44 tunes, with videos like this for every tune, including arrangements and tablature for both Jeffries AND Wheatstone systems.


More info soon!



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18 hours ago, David Barnert said:

That’s our Adrian Brown playing.


Note the use of the word “hornpipe” from earlier days when it meant a dance in 3/2 time. Lots of tunes like this in Playford.


Yes, This one also came from Playford, though not from any of The Dancing Master editions. It's from Henry Playford's Apollo's Banquet, which was a sort of 'teach yourself the fiddle book'. It feels a bit more 'composed' to me than many of the tune from the Wright/Walsh collections.


To be honest, I hadn't expected this video to be trawled quite so fast - as Gary said it's one of a collection of 44 that Muggins here has recorded to accompany our little joint venture. It's a project that we've been working on intermittently for the last 18 months or so, that has snowballed into a never-ending round of proof-reading and correcting, all with a 12 hour time difference between us. Hopefully we'll be done in a couple of weeks and I'll upload the rest of the videos...




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