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Perspex reedpans

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Found this on ebay. It says " The reedpans are made of Perspex " and " Perspex reedpans will not warp in fluctuating weather or humid conditions. " Perspex is a kind of acrylic. Is it good for readpan material ? Did anyone try this except for the late Koot Brits?



Edited to add:

I searched this forum with the word "Perspex", I understand that Willie Van Wyk also made Perspex reedpans.

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Personally, I am not terribly enthusiastic. I tried a concertina like this...do no agree about tone. My comparison is with bagpipe drones and chanters. No top level pipers (to my knowledge) play plastic drones although they are available. Top solo players use wood also. ( jokes about bagpipes here will show lack of knowledge or you've been listening to "beer & pretzel" i.e. not really serious, bands and soloists.

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I'm with Frank as far as my limited experience with a perspex reed pan.  My sampling was small: one instrument, but the impression was strong: a disconcerting lack of overtones and resonance.   


The visual experience of taking off the action box and being able to look "through" one reed pan and see the other was a bit disquieting as well. ?


So not enough sampling to entirely form an opinion but not a good enough single experience to be enthusiastic....?

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perhaps it was worth a potential difference in tone for an instrument which is not going to be temperamental in the African climate though.


Zak that recording sounds great! I love hearing this musical style. Are you saying in this recording the instrument has a perspex reed pan?

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Hello Jake. Thank you.

Half of this recording was played on a concertina with a perspex reed pan and the other half on a concertina with a traditional wood reed pan.

For comparison............ and a bit of guesswork  required?


Cheers, Zak.      

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