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"fiddle-like" effects on english concertina. What does the notation mean?

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I would like to better understand how to use the fiddle-specific marks on  written music to  improve my english concertina playing. I think i know how to approach slurs - but there are also bowing marks, various turns (where i don't think i could manage a whole turn in the time available - and I'm wondering if the fiddle players  do) and various bowing marks. 

It seems that some will translate sensibly into playing more staccato.

And others will translate into getting more "attack" by using the bellows differently.   


Any thoughts (other then listening to fiddle players, which im trying to do but doesn't seem to help)?  Resources ?




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Any "turn" can be simplified to either a doublet or triplet a slide or a hold or skip and to throw these in rather than playing it the same every time through adds character.  I play a five note turn in some jigs like Bloomin' Meadows but vary it with a simple lift and rest or a doublet (on Fiddle).  I'm just learning it on duet, but it seems easy enough.  All the notes in a turn don't need to (and probably shouldn't) have the same time value.

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