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david robertson

Ab/Eb Jeffries for sale

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Here's a bit of a rarity - a fine 30-key Jeffries in one of the less common key combinations. It still has the famous Jeffries bark, but think Rottweiler rather than poodle. Of course, it could be tuned down to G/D without much difficulty, but I thought I would offer it first in its original keys.

It is comprehensively restored, with new pads, valves, dampers, bushings and straps. The woodwork has been refinished in French polish, and I have made and fitted new 6-fold bellows, with new chamois seals, so the instrument is impeccably airtight.

As always, you're welcome to try it out in Norwich - just send me a PM or call me on 01603 702644. I'm looking for £4500.




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Ab/Eb    ……. What type of music was this generally aimed at?

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At first, I thought it is an ex-salvation army instrument. But noticed that it doesn't have metal parts which accept band lyre. My G/D (originally Ab/Eb) Lachanal has metal parts on the LHS (see photo). Is it normal for Jeffries without such metal parts?


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