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Jody Kruskal

Orange Is the New Black: concertina sighting

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Last year, several of my theater friends told me about a casting call for the popular Netflix show, “Orange Is the New Black.” The producers were looking for a concertina player to perform in the upcoming season #6. I sent in my resume, but never heard back... oh well. As it turns out, I’m a serious fan and now that the new season is up, I watched the whole thing. Wow what a show! 



Season 6 , Episode 1 is titled “Who Knows Better Than I” and indeed, it does briefly sport a German or Chinese made mother of toilet seat 20 button Anglo at 6:27 for the fantasy “secret agent” number. The box is visible for less than two seconds along with a violin and is not actually played. At least I can’t hear it. The concertina seems to only be there for the visuals at the beginning of this short black and white faux noire segment. 


Oh my, I coulda been a contender. Shucks!

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