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New English Concertina Tutor

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Contemplating the Concertina: An Historically-Informed Tutor

by Allan Atlas


Contemplating the Concertina is unique in a number of respects: it is the first (and only) tutor for the English concertina intended specifically for intermediate and advanced players; it is written with an eye toward both the history of the instrument and how it has been played since Victorian times; and its range of examples and exercises includes music - both "classical” and "folk" - from the seventeenth century to the present day. Chapters deal with holding the instrument (with a gallery of illustrations), manipulating the bellows (the most extensive discussion in print), single-note technique, and playing chords and contrapuntal textures. In all, it invites - even challenges - concertinists to expand both their technique and musical horizons and to think about what they're doing and why.


The debut of this compendium was held this past weekend at the Northeast Squeeze-In to the delight of many English players. It is available directly from the publisher, The Button Box, and in due course will be available through other music stores (purchase agents please contact The Button Box for distributorship and resale information).

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GOOD FOLKS: i will not say anything about the substance of the book. . . . .that's for each reader/player to decide for him/herself. . . . .


however, a number of people have commented -- always favorably, and with more than a little enthusiasm -- on the cover. . . . .and here





so now you know to whom the applause should be directed.........Allan

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I love the cover graphic!
a number of people have commented -- always favorably, and with more than a little enthusiasm -- on the cover

Thanks guys! The cover was fun to do. Being the designer allowed me to take a few liberties with Mr. T and (for those of very sharp eye) to make the concertina one of our Albions. Talk about subtlety!

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DEAR CHARLES: i believe that the Music Room is carrying it. . . . .i know that there are three of them scattered around the UK. . . . .i'm sure that any number of visitors to this site can provide more precise information. . . . .you might send an e-mail to gill noppen-spacie, who works at one of the branches. . . . .her e-mail is: gillns55@yahoo.com



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