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Kensignton On Order

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Snagged my place in line with Dana Johnson for a new Kensington C/G. Met CaryK's Kensington in Cincinnati last month and was duly impressed, so did the research. Was additionally impressed by Dana Johnson's overall approach to the business and with the relatively short wait times. Was even further impressed by Dana's fast and personal responses to inquiries and questions. Combined with the quality-for-price equation, I couldn't find a reason NOT to get in line.


What I haven't found is a wealth of images of Kensingtons on the nets. Almost all Dana's web site images are parts and guts. Would love to see some glamor shots. Anyone? Bueller?


Will also have some sale items coming up once the Kensington arrives -- a lighlty loved Morse Ceili and an 1868 Wheatstone English refurbed by the Button Box.


In the meantime, though, Kensington glamor shots, please, if you have them.

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I collected my concertina from Dana just before Christmas last year. It provided the perfect excuse for me and my wife to cross the Atlantic and visit friends in Pennsylvania and Virginia over a Christmas and New Year.

It was an absolute pleasure to deal with Dana and collecting the concertina meant I had the real bonus of meeting the maker of such a beautiful instrument in person. It was one of the highlights of the trip .

Since then I’ve been thoroughly enjoying playing the concertina, and each time it also brings back memories of what was a great holiday (even though if it was exceptionally cold after Christmas !)


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Dan, I have known Dana since my first year In NHICS way back in 1996. Not only is he a wonderful person to deal with, but I consider him a modern day Ben Franklin with curiosity, interest and knowledge in a myriad of disciplines. And it is this curiosity and unending desire to learn that makes him a highly talented concertina maker. I know you will be delighted with your Kensington when it arrives.


See you next year back in Cincy!


Ross Schlabach


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