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For Sale: Connor Anglo Concertina C/G 31 Key w/Wheatstone Reeds: SOLD

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I am selling a 31-button C/G Connor concertina (extra left hand thumb key is a low C on push/pull), purchased new in 1995 from Chris Algar, an English dealer who works with Connor a lot.  This instrument has Wheatstone reeds and plays and sounds great; I am reluctantly selling it now that my Carroll number is almost up.

Purchased about a year and a half ago from fiddle and concertina player Chris McGrath, who used it to record the 2001 album The Maple Leaf along with Jimmy Noonan, Ted Davis and the late Michael Shorrock.  For sounds clips refer to this (can be streamed on Spotify; tracks 8 and 11), or I can send solo sound clips as well.  Recently (October 2017) re-tuned and worked on by the great Tony O'Connell.


I am looking for $3,500.  I am based in Boston USA; please pm me for more information if interested!


PS.  In the pictures you will notice a couple missing keys on the right hand side; the reeds are intact, it just needs the keys, but I have so far never missed these (they are an extra (push/pull) A3/F3 and E4/B3).  Additionally the low F natural (lowest key (pull) on the left-hand accidental row) needs a little screw tightening (reed is fine).




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