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Free Concertina Tutor Books (None Left)

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I have several concertina Tutor books along with Dave Elliot's Maintenance Manual. These books are free; all you need to pay is postage.

The books are located in Australia.


One to three books would be around:

UK and Ireland £11.50 or €13

USA $11.75 US

Australia $8.50 AUD

If you would like any more than three books let me know where you live and I will give you a cost.




The books are:

"The Irish Concertina" by Mick Bramich (excellent condition, with CD)

"The Concertina Maintenance Manual" by Dave Elliott (very good condition)

"The Anglo Concertina Demystified" by Bertram Levy  (excellent condition, with two CD's)

"English Concertina" by Richard Carlin (1977 edition. Old, but in good condition)

"The Concertina" by Frank Butler (English Concertina tutor. 1976 edition, old but in good condition)

"Crane's Concertina Tutor" by H. Wilton-Bulstrode (a spiral bound photocopy edition in good condition)

"Wickins' Easy Concertina Tutor" ( Anglo. Very old edition which originally sold for sixpence. Not in great condition but interesting)

"The English Concertina" The Simplicity Tutor (Old, but in reasonably good condition. Originally sold for 4 shillings in Australia and New Zealand)

"Instruction Book for the English Concertina" by Carlo Minasi ( A Chappell's Instruction Book. Very old and in poor condition with some back pages missing but interesting)


If anyone is interested in these books I am happy to send photos or answer any questions you may have. Just send me a PM.




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None left

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If any do not find a home with an individual player, you could consider donating to the library of the International Concertina Association.

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