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Musette - free sheet music with mp3 files for accompaniment

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I just noticed that accordionist Eric Bouvelle had some sheet music available for free on his website, along with audio files, including mp3 files that only contain the rhythm part so you can play along.


I know musette is usually played on CBA and that not many players here seem to be attracted to the genre; yet most of the pieces seem to be in the range of an EC or a duet.


No need also to worry about the accompaniment part, as the music here is only written for the accordion's right hand - after all, most accordionists never used their left hand when they recorded. So, there's no reason for a concertina player to stay away from the genre.


Here's the link : http://www.ericbouvelle.com/partition Just select a genre in the scrolling menu and you'll have access to the file.


Accordionist James Lesueur also have some sheet music available for free on his website, but there are no audio files, and he makes a more frequent use of his left hand, so they may not fit the concertina as well. Anyway, here's the link : https://www.jameslesueur.fr/partitions

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