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I’ve been offered a gig at a festival next year - a concert and playing for dance.


Although it’s a year away there is plenty of preparation to do. I want to learn a number of new songs, and add some new tunes.


The festival organisers have asked for a demo recording. I’m thinking to do this myself. I have some good audio recording and editing software, but lack experience in mics for both concertina (and other instruments) and voice.


Any suggestions of suitable hardware is appreciated.


Another option is to use the services of a studio - any recommendations?

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Having done a bit of research, I'm thinking these mics might be good:

Shure SM57 for the 'tina
Røde NT1-A for vocals


Does anyone have experience of these mics?

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I have recorded a lot (including a CD), these microphones are all ok. But I seriously recommend using a smartphone (I used a Samsung but IPhones are at least as good). I still try to match the sound of some old recordings that were made in my former bathroom. 

A lot depends on the room acoustics and where you put the phone. You also should have a recording app that can record at least  in 44,1 kHz and 16 bit and level the volume so that there is no overload. Afterwards you could optimize the sound and cut the ends on a PC.

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I used to own a PA company. The Shure 57 is a "go to" general purpose mic for acoustic instruments usually in conjunction with a DI on the instrument for live PA reinforcement. If you are recording it might be better to consider a condenser mic designed specifically for recording/studio as these have become more affordable of late. :) https://www.musicmatter.co.uk/news/best-studio-microphones-under-150


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