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songs with accompanyment


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I keep hearing how versatile the anglo 30 button is and i'm looking for songs

you can accompany. with the problem of chords in one direction i'm having

trouble finding this versatility everyone talks of.


could you please give me some songs that

you can play with accompaniment.


I recently found "what shall we do with a drunken

sailor" and that was pretty fun to play 


cheers. oh and I bought garry coovers book

about songs with accompaniment thanks

for the suggestion

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If you're playing in C major, you should find that the direction of the notes often correspond to the direction of the chords you need, and that's by design. The first tune I tried to work out a score with accompaniment for on my own was Redwing / Union Maid. In G major, it would have been tricky, but I transposed up to C major, which put the melody mostly on the right hand, and magically made most of the chords fall right into place. Had to get a little creative when the melody crossed back down to the left hand, and made use of the G/A reversals on the accidental row in a few places, but the nice thing about the home keys is that you actually do have multiple options for most of the notes you need to play. Apart from F/F# basically every note in the C major and G major scales are available in both directions, at least for the octave and a half-ish of range where a lot of tunes spend most of their time.

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ah I see thanks for the tip.


I just tried "working on the railroad" and

it works pretty well. i gotta try to figure out

how to play a f major chord along with

the last note on the bottom row so I dont have

to stop chords but never the less it works

pretty well.



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Type "john roberts concertina” into the search box at youtube for a wide selection of inspiration regarding singing with anglo. Include the word “concertina” so you don’t get the chief justice, who doesn’t have much to teach about the concertina.

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