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button sources???

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i have a Borinwood 30 button c/g amongst my small collection. I have pretty much stopped playing it in favour of a 30button g/d (which i play either along the row or as if it was a c/g ? )and an old 20button c/g lachenal,

I realised that one of the reasons i have stopped playing it is because the buttons are only 5mm in diameter. Probably my lack of technique but when my left hand little finger reaches for the f# it often misses. I've just measured and my lachenal buttons are 6mm and on my g/d they are 6.5mm.


I appreciate that this is not an instrument of any great quality but i want to replace the buttons with some around  6mm.  I've had the beast apart and i think there is room to widen all the guide holes. It has  metal end plates and the holes in these already seem wide enough.


So can anybody point me in the direction of a supply of ready made 6mm concertina buttons please?

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ok its been a few days now and no takers. I thought it might be so. Am I right in thinking the makers on this forum hand make each button? 


I'm going for 'plan B' which is a short length of 6mm delrin rod. initially i'll replace just the f#/D and see how that works out

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What do your buttons look like?


Do they have little stem on the bottom that goes into a small hole in the action board, or are they flat bottomed and go into a bigger hole in the action board?


If the latter, then I just bought some buttons for a Morse Beaumont that are 6mm diameter and 24 mm long.  I bought them from the Button Box in the US for, I think it was, $1.50 each plus postage.



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yup the hole on yours looks pretty much bang in the middle. I've emailed the button box just in case but I've bought a little bit of 6mm diameter delrin rod. I think i could make a button and that theres room to expand the existing guide hole. Got to be worth a go.  thanks for your input ?


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