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Wheatstone 56 Button English Tenor Treble Aeola for Sale

Pat O'Loughlin

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I have a wonderful Wheatstone 56 button tenor treble Aeola for sale. It's a great player and has been gone over completely with new valves, straps, tuning and care given to any issues. The case is in pretty bad shape. I'm not used to posting on Concertina.net so please forgive me if I fail to do things correctly. I'd like to put my email and phone number on this posting, but nobody else seems to be doing that, so you can contact me through Concertina.net. Serial number 29796 which puts it in the mid twenties I think. Some say that was a very good vintage. Asking $4,500.




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My treasurer said a quick "What? Are you serious? No!", which is a reasonable response given my current level of playing, but that doesn't mean that this still isn't my dream instrument, exactly. It's gorgeous.

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I had a chance to see, play, and listen to Pat play this instrument.  It has been gone over by Greg Jowaisas, and play very well indeed.  Well in tune of course. Too close to something I own for me, but an excellent instrument in my opinion and worth the price. 

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