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For Sale : 36key Lachenal Anglo C/G

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For Sale -:


My 36 Key Lachenal “New Model” steel reeded, metal ended Anglo in C/G - serial number 171898


It has conventional Lachenal accidentals - with an extra  Bb/C#, F/G# and C drone on the left hand and F#/D#, F/G & Bb/G# on the right hand - see layout chart.


The bellows, pads & valves and hand straps are in good order - it is ready to play.


Comes with the original wooden case and a modern hard case if required


Weight 1.3kg - excluding case(s)


I have some more photos and can do some sound clips - please message me if you are interested


It is located in Norfolk UK ; happy to discuss couriers / transport by mutual friends etc, or I will be at Sidmouth Folk Week.


£2400 - offers considered 


If it sells through c.net then I will make a donation 

Lachenal key layout.jpg

right hand reed pan 2.jpg

left hand reed pan 1.jpg

right end.jpg

left end.jpg

outside 1.jpg

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Reducing price

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I can confirm that this a very nice anglo, as I have serviced it a while ago, well worth the money .

Mike Acott

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