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Pubs in Ireland

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Good music and good beer  !!  You  don't want much  do you?


As a connoisseur  of  both  ITM and Beer,  as well as a long term  resident  in Ireland,  I  would say  ( in general) you  might find  'good'  music  if you  get local, up to date advice  and  avoid the tourist spots in  the mid  summer  holiday season , but  good beer  is  a tall order.  I see that one or two  'craft'  breweries  have sprung up in recent years  but  some I  sampled  a couple of years ago  was  rubbish  and as for the offerings  from the factory  breweries, that will either  cause  chronic constipation  or   keep you up half the night  passing water!.... The Whiskey  is good  though.


If the weather  is agreeable  the scenery  is  lovely......

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The best music sessions  will not be  advertised  and  usually happen in the  winter months  , by arrangement  amongst musicians...  but  generally  good sessions  can be found  with a little persistence.


Indeed Don, it depends  on  one's viewpoint....  here's another:    we lived  in County Clare  for  16 years  and   I definately had  far more bad hangovers  than good music sessions.....  the  really great sessions I could count on my two hands... one weekend  I do recall,  I  was lucky to enjoy  two  great nights  of playing sitting next to Tommy McCarthy .... a fond memory  going back 20 years.

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I see that one or two  'craft'  breweries  have sprung up in recent year



A bit more than that, in all fairness. It's a 'thing' now. By all accounts the quality can be a bit hit and miss though.


And really great sessions, they're still the ones you hear about afterwards. It was sublime in Friel's last sunday, apparently. ?

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