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Jody Kruskal

My new CD and streaming presentation Sat. morning

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I have a new recording available in a few days...


Train on the Island

Songs and Tunes from the Days of Rail with Jody Kruskal and Friends


American Roots Music, Country Blues, Old-Time and Folk featuring the 

Chromatic Autoharp and Anglo Concertina


One year ago I won the Mountain Laurel Autoharp Gathering Cohen/Grappel recording grant and began my autoharp adventure in ernest. This Saturday, June 23 at 11:15 am (EST) you can join me streaming on-line for my CD release party at Concertwindow.com/mlag. An hour on stage at this years gathering will include an interview and live performances of songs and tunes from the cd with guest musicians.


There will be cake served after the presentation but current technology does not yet allow you to partake in that part of the festivities, still, I hope you will join me at my party.


Check my cdbaby artist page for updates. The recording will be available soon for download and physical cds by next week. https://store.cdbaby.com/Artist/JodyKruskal

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Posted (edited)

Oops, not quite. Physical CDs only, so far. The downloads will be ready in a few days. You can read all the liner notes though, and listen to audio samples. It's a process.


My presentation went well at the Mountain Laurel Autoharp Gathering CD release party in Pennsylvania last Saturday. Folks were very receptive and curious about the concertina. The cake was sweet and plentiful.


On every night of the festival, there was a small but excellent tune session where I mostly played the Anglo with a nice selection of instruments including several autoharps. The folks I was hanging out with were mostly playing American Old-Time with some Irish and celtic bits and a few songs thrown in for spice.


I've just written an article to be published next month in Autoharp Quarterly (http://www.daigleharp.com/autoharpquarterly.html) about my recording process and the many parallels between Anglo concertina and autoharp. This was touched on in a previous thread here at c.net and I've had a great time developing those thoughts more fully. When the article is finalized, I'll share it with this community.



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