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Accidentals, Pain Medication, And The Holy Grail


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Wow! Last night I finally made it back to the weekly Irish slo jam (for us newbie folks). I really, really need more accidentals than the 20-button C/G offers. All the tunes in D were just beyond me. Okay, *most* of the tunes in general were beyond me, but it would have been nice to be able to pretend more... ;)


Do 30 buttoners normally include that elusive C#? I continue to dream of a fabulous upgrade in the spring.


Couldn't play much, though, even if I didn't know the tunes. An inconsiderate feline houseguest bit me Tuesday night in the left forearm -- and I do most of my bellows manipulation with my left -- and it hurts like a you-know-what.


The only reason I went , as opposed to staying home and nursing my bellowing arm with Advil and ice like a smart little do-bee, was because a friend promised to bring his Wheatstone English for me to mess around with for a few minutes. And he did. Having never been near a Wheatstone before that I know of, opening the case felt like I was opening a trunk that contained the Holy Grail. What a beautiful beast it was! Black (ah, my favorite), #31128 which dates it, I think he said, sometime around 1924. He picked it up on Ebay a couple years ago from, I think, Chris Algar. The bellows were like butter, as opposed to my 2-month-old box with bellows that still creak and pop with newness, rather like a potato chip, to continue the food analogy.


But I totally ramble too much. The main question here being: how many accidentals does the average 30-button anglo have? (sounds like a set-up for a bad joke, doesn't it?)


Edit: The slo-jam seems to have a low critical mass for free-reeders. A button box player has been there, but not when I've gone. Ditto a piano accordion player. I think that's funny.

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The accidental row on a 30-button can vary, but you'll always get the mid-range C# (unless you're playing a really bonkers custom layout :D ).


If you're really lucky you'll get a mid-range C# in both directions, which can be quite handy. My C/G has both the mid-range Eb and C# both ways, which is nice for some harmonies.

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Here is a diagram:


The C#s are just outside of the Cs and in the same direction (push). Easy to remember. This is how my recently aquired Bastari is set up. I am not sure about the bass buttons in this diagram.


By the way, I think I play The Blarney Pilgrim in D without needing a C#.

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Hiya Rhomylly,


I'm still lusting after your weekly Irish slow jam. How wonderful. I got a used 30 button Anglo just so I could have the C#. Well, now, some of the other #s have come in handy too. I really really want a new 30 button or possibly 24 button Anglo, but I'm with you. (Desire there, money not yet).


Bellow on,


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