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Wheatstone Maccann Duet

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This just arrived from South Africa; an 80 key Wheatstone Maccann Duet. Virtually unmarked condition, and good to go straight out of the case. It has the Chidley keyboard layout which needs a little getting used to, but sounds really good. The interior looks brand new, and the reeds are in perfect condition.  It is in tune at modern concert pitch, and the action is fast and responsive, The lower end notes on the left hand end are very, very rich and the highr right hand notes are clear and sonorous.  Aluminium reed frames with steel reeds. I am very pleased with this.







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fuller explanation
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OCD, Not sure about the action yet - I haven't opened it to see but, whichever type it is, it works well.


Theo, it only looks heavy, the aluminium frames must help quite a lot in that respect. The only difficulty is that it is somewhat awkward to play and reach the higher notes on both sides. A decent set of straps will help here, I am sure.



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