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NHICS 2018 in Cincinatti in July

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Made flight arrangements for the 2018 NHICS class with Noel Hill at the Transfiguration Spiritual Center in Cincinnati in July...so it's real. Getting pretty excited. Bringing a Button Box Ceili and about a year of basement work from method books (not much of a concertina community where live). Have no idea what to expect, but I will try to emulate a sponge and soak up everything I can hold. Apart from anything else...I'll be out of the basement interacting with other humans playing the same instrument!


Anyone else going? Any advice from old hands? Will a guitar be useless baggage for the week?

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Dan, I should have mentioned earlier to be sure to bring a good recording device with lots of memory cards, and batteries or a recharger as appropriate. There will be lots to record.


If you like having munchies around, you might want to bring some. There are not any stores in walking distance.


As for the guitar, suit yourself. We usually have a session or two, and folks have brought guitars to it. More than a guitar or two will likely raise eyebrows. Besides, you're there to learn concertina.



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I am attending the “school” in Oregon the first part of August.  I’ve only been playing for a few months, so I expect to be in the beginner group.   Other than recording devices, any other pearls of wisdom from you prior attendees?

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