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C/G Edgley for Sale

CZ in AZ

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For Sale: Edgley C/G concertina - great condition. Asking price $2100 (not including shipping). 


It has a modified Jeffries layout, 30 button, with C#s on the draw and press top inside right button and also on the press on the next button. It is in great condition and was fully refurbished by the button box about 4 years ago. It has not been played very much in the last couple of years because I have another instrument.  It is a hybrid model, meaning that it is a high-quality concertinas made using Italian accordion-style reeds. The sound is really lovely and it plays very easily - no bellows leaks at all.  It is number 286 as you can see in the pictures. It comes with a hard case, which was originally for another concertina.  FYI, I am located in the western U.S. 





Edgley concertina pic side.jpg

Edgley concertina pic 1.jpg

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the concertina now comes with a hard case
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Hi all, 

I decided to keep the Edgley for a few more years.  Does anyone else head out from work at lunch to play concertina?  I do and this is my lunch concertina :) It really is such a lovely instrument. 


All the best, 


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