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C. Wheatstone Concertina Aeola from 1922 tag #29542


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My husband and I are interested in selling his grandfather's MacCann Duet. This C. Wheatstone ebony Aeola has 56 buttons, and ivory thumb rests. Metal rivet tags are also still in great condition. The piece was manufactured in London and was first sold December 22nd, 1922 according to the ledger on this link http://www.horniman.info/DKNSARC/SD01/PAGES/D1P1820S.HTM. The instrument also comes with it's original hard leather case. This instrument is playable out of the box but could use some TLC as some of the reeds seem to stick. Reasonable offers will be considered, but we are hoping around $2500. We are located in Maryland, USA, near Baltimore. I'd be willing to ship to any USA location with insurance. Outside the US would require more research.

Thank You!


Aeola 1.jpg

Aeola 2.jpg

Aeola 3.jpg

Aeola 4.jpg

Aeola 5.jpg

Aeola 6.jpg

Aeola 7.jpg

Aeola 8.jpg

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11 hours ago, RWL said:

Is it a tenor treble or an extended treble?  What is your expectation on price?

Yes, I apologize, from what we know it is a MacCann Duet. I'll update the listing accordingly. We are also hoping for $2500 USD. 

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I just purchased this concertina from the owners.   The bellows are tight with little wear.  Concertina is tuned to concert a440 and very nicely so.  No evidence of prior repairs, no mold, nor insect debris.  Original straps in very good usable condition. Screw heads are clean and sharp will no damage to the ends, indicating that it was rarely if ever taken apart.  The timbre is clean and strong in all regards.  A very nice example of a well built Aeola, indeed I have rarely seen none nicer.


Available for sale after I massage a few recalcitrant reeds back into order.  




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