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After a year of recording, my latest CD will be out next month...


Songs and Tunes from the Days of Rail


Jody Kruskal and Friends


American Roots Music

Country Blues, Old-Time and Folk featuring the 

Chromatic Autoharp and Anglo Concertina


This collection of old American railroad songs and tunes explores the stories of those that built, ran and rode the the rails from the boom days of American expansion in the mid 1800’s to the decline of rail transport in the the mid 20th century. 

As if my magic, once you step aboard a train, you are transported at high speed to another land. The lonesome call of the steam whistle is a common theme here. Hoboes, adventures, laborers and lovers are tempted by the sound “to hop that freight  and ride” as they look for a better life, or try to escape loneliness, regret and heart ache. In these songs they are likely to find bitter disappointment, blood, toil and deadly wrecks... or perhaps, simply the dawning of a beautiful new day.

Autoharp and Anglo concertina both have an antique sound that compliments these songs and tunes from another age. 

Freight Train Blues

Train on the Island

Railroad through the Rocky Mountains

Reuben’s Train

Cannonball Blues

I've Been Working on the Railroad

Walk on Boy

All Night Long

Mr. Engineer

L&N Rag

Morningtown Ride

Pick and Shovel

Jenny on the Railroad

City of New Orleans


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Well I hope you're bringing some to Vermont this weekend, Jody! See you Saturday on Elliott Street for a business transaction? (or "trainsaction"?)

[oh, wait, more careful reading and now I see the "next month"... guess I'll be waiting on the platform for this train for a little while...]

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Sorry Wayman,


I will not be attending the Marlboro Ale this year. My team was not invited and I have to stay home to finish all the tasks needed for the new CD. So many details yet to go.

Also,  we just got two new kittens yesterday and playing with them is just too much fun!

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