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What Did It Sell For?

Alan Day

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I can understand why some of you would not join in with this but here goes.

Many of you bid for a concertina but never tell us what it finally sold for.If we kept a running selling price here on this site we would know what was fair price and what was not.There are some who will have some wonderful bargains and some will not.You do not have to say if you bought the Concertina just the final sale price.

I will kick this off by saying that a Lachenal Anglo twenty(bone) button Anglo, Wooden ended, which would have required new springs,pads,retuning at least. List Price £30-£50 went for £110 plus Auctioneers 15% sales mark up.(Feb 05)

The more postings we have the more interesting it will get


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I suspect that there are quite a lot of folks like me who keep a record of interesting concertinas from this site, ebay and some other auctions including photo, serial number, date of sale and sale price. I do this mostly out of interest and it also helps identify instruments which have come back onto the market including genuine ones and also scams.



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It is interesting to see what the prices are. Here are three that sold at auction this week.


A Treble Concertina by C Wheatstone, London No. 26106

30 nickel buttons, plated fret cut foliate end plates, 16cms., in old decayed box

Minor visible bellow repairs at corners, some wear and tear, in ok

condition 2629 pounds


A treble concertina

label and no, missing, inlay fret cut hexagonal rosewood end plates, 48 nickel button keys, 16 cms., Some cracking on both end plates, bumps and scratches, some

deterioration of leather 239 pounds


An Edeophone by Lachenal, London No. 49233

the pierce fret cut 12 sided ebony end plates with 52 nickel buttons, wrist and thumb straps, 6 fold bellows, in original old battered case, with a treble Concertina by Lachenal, No 1385, with 48 stained Ivory buttons, four fold bellows, some neglect as seen in original hexagonal box, as seen-Bellows, bumps and scratches, minor restorable blemish on both 1434 pounds


The descriptions are what the auction house used.

All I know is the Wheatstone sounded all the notes but was told that some were more powerful than others.


My hope of getting the wheatstone at a bargain were quickly dashed!



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48 key English Lachenal concertina serial number 58494



I just won it with a maiden bid of $200...



Which is a shock considering every other lachenal I've been watching on ebay has gone for a lot more even when in need of major restoration.



Keep your fingers crossed for me that this one isn't a scam and that the description was accurate.

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I can tell you one reason. Most people (including me) search under the word 'concertina'. I would say your seller cheated himself of a few dollars by not including it. You win though. Bottom end but worth more than $200 I would say. Lesson learned.

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I always just search under the "musical instrument/accordian and concertina" category (rest of the world) and it came up for me.


Ah technology, don't you just love it :D



(Edited to correct spelling errors)

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