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david robertson

Aeola and Boyd extended trebles

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A choice of two top-quality, newly restored extended treble instruments. 

The first is an ebony-ended Aeola, No.28531(1920). A lovely player, and not quite as strident as the metal-ended variety can be.

The second is a Boyd Lachenal, a rare instrument made specially for Harry Boyd, who ran a major music retail outlet in Newcastle. As always, the name "H Boyd" is worked into the fret pattern, and at Mr Boyd's insistence, the instrument is no bigger than a standard 48-key treble.

Both have new pads, valves, bushes and straps. The woodwork has been refinished in French polish, and both instruments have been tuned to modern concert pitch.

I'm looking for £3000 for the Aeola, and £1750 for the Boyd. As always, you're welcome to try them out in Norwich.



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Age and bewilderment... I put a wrong price in.
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