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Jeffries Duet fully restored, For Sale

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Hi Cnetters,

For Sale; a beautiful 58 key Jeffries Brothers duet concertina + original leather case; layout in the key of C.

Price £1800 + postage.

This was overhauled - including a beautiful new set of 7-fold bellows - by Steve Dickinson 20+ years ago; it’s in excellent cosmetic and playing condition.

The instrument came to me in part exchange. I do not play duet, but this is far too good an instrument to be raided for its reeds and other parts. The pads, valves, bushing and chamber-linings have all been replaced and the instrument responds beautifully; the bellows are easy to play and supple. I’m told there is a growing number of players of the duet system … well, here’s a golden opportunity.

We are located in Cornwall; prospective buyers are welcome to view before bidding. But we’re a long way from everywhere!

I’d love this to go through C.net - the usual donation will be made.


Mike Rowbotham














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HI Pikey,

yes, it has indeed sold!

It is currently en route to its new owner, who thankfully wants it as a playable duet - not for its parts.

We're looking forward to seeing you both this summer!


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