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Bellows Buckle

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I have a bellows with a buckle in a couple of the folds. It's only happening on the top side.
I've tried leaving it held snugly in a fitted case for couple of weeks but no improvement.
Has anyone had this problem and found a solution?



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Thanks Alex...a look inside revealed what was causing the problem. Someone fashioned three wire hex inserts and slipped them into the internal bellows folds. I think they were trying to overcome the problem of one corner collapsing inwards on expansion due to the glue failing on the card there. Radical solution!


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If corners are collapsed/ collapsing then please check the condition of the inner bellows hinges, if they are split you may have a bigger problem. If they are repaired then you have an explanation, split hinges are easy to repair, but to consequential damage may be less so.

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